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About Rewritten: Alice in Wonderland

Rewritten: Alice in Wonderland print preview by Zolaida

Rewritten is an artbook dedicated to retelling our beloved fairytales through art. This year's story is "Alice in Wonderland", by Lewis Carroll.

Artists will create images based on certain scenes from the book. However this can be anything since it's your own interpretation!

Now profits for this book (depending on how successful the book is) will go to Charity or split between the artists and the charity for Breast Cancer Awareness.


Name:Rewritten: Alice in Wonderland
Size: U.S. Letter 8.5 x 11
Pages: 178+
Number of Artists: 56
Charity: American Cancer Society (Breast Cancer Awareness Charity)
Artwork Deadline: October 25th (unless everyone needs an extension)

Preparing and organizing | Inviting Artists | Picking scenes | Starting | Finishing drawings | Formatting | Preorders | Printing | Shipping

Artists Participating (in no specific order) 56/56



1st Place: :icono-hikaku:
2nd Place: :iconpandamadu:
3rd Place: :iconchoctopi:
4th Place: :icontenmuki:


1st Place: :iconhyanna-natsu:
2nd Place: :iconippomoea:
3rd Place: :icondanpurin:










Hey everyone! I have sent out emails confirming your addresses. Unfortunately quite a few of you have not responded. If you do not respond within a few weeks I will ship out the order to the address you first provided. It is your job to make sure you give me the correct address even when it's changed. Please be sure you let me know your current address so that I do not ship to the incorrect person. If you do not ever notify me of your new address and I ship it to your old one I cannot do anything about it unless the person ships it back to me. I can try shipping out another copy but please keep in mind I have a very limited number of copies. Otherwise I can send you a full PDF of the Artbook.

Now a couple of you have provided me with email addresses that are not correct so I cannot send any notifications to you. If you see this and you know you have not gotten an email from me with the subject "Rewritten Artbook Shipping Confirmation" or "Rewritten Shipping Confirmation," then please email me with your current address at

To the artists, I have not shipped out artist copies yet. However I have provided a full PDF in the mean time for you. Please let me know if I have not already asked you if your address has changed.

Another thing!!!!!!

I have not emailed out the files for the desktop wallpapers yet. I will do so tonight and tomorrow for those who've ordered the books. But remember if your email address does not work, I cannot send them to you. Please notify me if you have not ever received an email from either these two email addresses or

Another Update/Orders Being Sent

Sat Feb 4, 2017, 12:58 AM

Hey everyone!! Just gonna let you guys in on a quick little update since it's been a while.

First of all, I just want to let you know that I've already started shipping out orders. Some of you have actually already received them and it's great hearing such positive feedback! Orders will be shipping out a few at a time. I'm the only person taking care of shipping, so it'll be a bit slow. I normally go down to the post office Monday and Tuesday since I have classes the rest of the week and the post office is only open until 5:00pm, so it will take some time. Please be patient with me ;w;

Recently, we've been getting questions about how to purchase the book in case you missed preorders. After I ship out all orders, I will post the leftovers on our Tictail. It will be first come, first serve, and they are limited. Some of you have asked me to notify you personally when they go on sale, and I will. But remember, it's still first come first serve. Thank you so much for taking an interest though! :D

Also, I jsut recently received the order of buttons and I love how they came out. The pin backing is nice and sturdy and doesn't wobble around a lot. I now have all the extras I need to send out with preorders!! Take a look!

Below are the prints. From top left to right, we have work from Ariuemi Ponchiux and RedPear The bottom two from left to right belong to sae-midori and Zoltruke. As for the postcards, the top left to right respectively belongs to Viccolatte cherriuki Milchiah and SongJiKyo while the bottom row belongs to Ponchiux and hirokiart

Untitled by Vyndicare  Untitled by Vyndicare

I had a total of 16 buttons made along with a limited edition 6 inch button designed by Evil-usagi . Those who were the very first to preorder will receive one of these. For the buttons I used the designs of Rurucha  Zetsuai89  MartaLaz wickedalucard juhaihai  kumashige Rosuuri Milchiah serafleur jiphee uchuubranko Kanekiru and laenia. Thank you for letting me use your work/create new work for the buttons! For those that will receive the 6 in. button, there is a cardboard backing with cutout areas. You can use that to make a stand instead of pinning it on something :)

Untitled By Vyndicare-daxqlr6 by Vyndicare     Untitled By Vyndicare-daxqlqn by Vyndicare

I figured some of you may want a little bit of a preview for what the printed version looks like so here are some pictures for each section. :D

Untitled by Vyndicare  Untitled by Vyndicare

Untitled by Vyndicare  Untitled by Vyndicare

Untitled by Vyndicare  Untitled by Vyndicare

Untitled by Vyndicare  Untitled by Vyndicare

Aside from having the winning contestants featured in the book, we also added WIP pages and a long section of interviews that Nyanfood  and sae-midori did a wonderful job formatting! We have interviews from both the artists and one winning contestants! Our interview section consists of tenmuki sae-midori Nyanfood edenfox anocurry uchuubranko Hyanna-Natsu and j-witless!! There are several pages of text so if you're looking to learn about the artists' processes, be sure to catch up on this section. It's definitely worth the read! :D 

Untitled by Vyndicare  Untitled by Vyndicare

Untitled by Vyndicare  Untitled by Vyndicare  

Untitled by Vyndicare  Untitled by Vyndicare  

Well that's just about it for now.. If you have any questions feel free to ask! Thank you so much to all of our supporters and to my fellow artists for putting together a lovely artbook! Thank you to my lovely helpers for answering my nonstop questions, helping with formatting and doing so much more for this project than expected! And especially thank you NilaNandita  for this wonderful idea of an artbook! Without you, I doubt there would've been a Rewritten. :3 You all are truly amazing! We would love to continue this series of Rewritten fairytales! Please keep supporting us as we rewrite your favorite stories though beautiful pieces of art. 

CSS credit goes to:
Stock: Dragoroth-stock, little-spacey, mimose-stock, Dralliance-Stock, Dracoart-Stock, gaiastock, CAStock
Brushes: MouritsaDA-Stock
Coding & graphics: kuschelirmel-stock
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Thank you so much! I know I ordered extra books so I'm sure I'll have some left. Even with the preorder extras. After everything is shipped out I'll have leftovers available for individual purchases. :)
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Actually everything is finished and I'm contacting the printing companies. I'm going to post an update and also send out the desktop wallpapers that comes with the book. But I need to order the prints, postcards and buttons first :)
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Glad to hear that! Thank you for working so hard on this book ;w; I'll continue to wait patiently! <33
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